Spare the Air now

Everybody talks about air pollution. And everybody, of course, knows that this is a serious problem. But only a few deal with it wholeheartedly. What can you do to reduce the pollution of our air? In the following important information about reduction efforts and control devices will be presented.

Reduction efforts

There are different technologies and strategies for reducing our air pollution. They are called pollution control technologies and land use planning strategies. On the one hand it is necessary to use infrastructure planning as well as zoning. In developed countries of, for example, America or Europe these strategies are very important in the field of social policy. The land needs to be used efficiently. With this effort the environment can be protected. As well it is beneficial for the wider economy and population.

The biggest efforts are taken in the field of mobile sources. The main problem, that there are different countries with various regulations, needs to be solved. As well new sources shall be included:

  • chainsaws
  • farm equipment
  • gas-powered equipment
  • lawn trimmers
  • snowmobiles

An important component for reducing the air pollution is to enhance the fuel efficiency. Hybrid vehicles as well as bioethanol and biodiesel can be used.

Control devices

There are different pollution control devices for destroying or removing various contaminants before emitting into the environment. A few are listed in the following:

  • Particulate control: mechanical collectors (for example dust cyclones), electrostatic precipitator (ESP), baghouses, particulate scrubbers
  • Scrubbers: baffle spray scrubber, mechanically aided scrubber, spray tower, wet scrubber
  • NOx control: low NOx burners, selective catalytic/non-catalytic reduction, NOx scrubbers, exhaust gas recirculation
  • SO2 contol: wet/dry scrubbers, flue-gas desulfurization
  • Mercury control: electro-catalytic oxidation, k-fuel, sorbent injection technology