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This website deals with a certain problem of environmental pollution, which concerns everyone on the planet – air pollution. We want to elaborate how geography effects air flow and transports air pollution.

As well you get informed about the most important facts of air pollution: smog, acid rain, damages and haze.

Useful information about news and environment protecting organizations in the field of pollution are presented on this site.

Especially nowadays, the problem of air pollution becomes more and more important. There are chemicals, particulate matter and other materials, which damage the health and comfort of every living being as well as the environment.

Next to “outdoor” air pollution the worst pollution problems of the world are indoor air pollution and urban air quality. The indoor air quality is an often unnoticed good that needs to be saved. This quality can be influenced by different matters: gases, particulates, microbial contaminants and energy stressors. These things can formidable impair the health conditions. It is necessary to keep up a permanent air flow that this pollution will not appear.

The other problem is the urban air pollution. Geography, for example, plays an important role in the field of pollution. The Central Valley in the United States is surrounded by mountains. It can be described as a bathtub: cool and warm air cannot unite. The consequence: polluted air settles down into the valley for weeks or months.

These pollution problems become permanently worse. Did you know that air pollution already damages the IQ of an unborn child? Or that the burning of fossil fuels kills every year about 25.000 people only in California? It’s time for a change. It’s time to spare the air – now!